What Colour 4WD is for You?




The colour of your 4WD is important – we all want our rigs to look good.


Typically we’ll end up with the colour that first grabs our attention on display at the dealership; or the one that you just couldn’t take your eyes off parked next to you on the freeway traffic jam; or the one that you saw fully sending it on the beach in Jurien Bay.


What colour 4WD you go for is such a personal choice, and sometimes we can tend to place a little more importance on it than it deserves. At least relative to other important 4WD considerations.


1. The Australian Heat



White, or a pearl derivative of white, is often considered as it’s not going to bake in the hot Australian sun, causing the interior to feel like everything has melted. Nowadays there’s a pretty easy fix for that though - windows and air-cons.


Despite how good air-conditioners are now, seeing black 4WD’s on our roads really does make me wonder what was going through the minds of these individuals when THAT decision was made.


Still, they do have a presence about them, and maybe that’s the statement being made. Even though a black car, especially a big 4WD, in the Australian sun does seem strange, the choices in new car colours are quite limited.

Over time, we’ve observed the consistency of 4WD colours in Australia, with versions of white, silver/grey, black, blue, the odd brown and reds dominating the market (including the omnipresent burnt orange – quintessentially Australian). 


Apart from personal preference, what another factor could come into play when considering what colour 4WD is for you? Scratches.


2. Scratches