terms and conditions

Roadcruza Tyres Australia – “The Ultimate 4WD Giveaway - Tyres for Life” Promotion

1. Description of Prize

1.1. The provision of a set of four (4) Roadcruza RA1100 AT Tyres at a maximum of once per 24-month period, for the life of your vehicle.

1.2. The term “lifetime” supply of tyres only relates to the specific vehicle you have entered into the competition with, and cannot be used on any other vehicle. A such, the supply of tyres will relate only to appropriate sizes for the vehicle entered into the giveaway.

1.3. The prize (supply of tyres) ceases at the earlier of:

a. receipt of 6 x sets of four (4) Roadcruza RA1100 AT Tyres, or

b. when the registration of your vehicle changes (e.g. selling your car), or is no longer registered (e.g. useful life of the vehicle has expired and no longer drive-able).

As such, the prize is attached to the vehicle of the entrant, as opposed to the entrant personally.

2. Additional Inclusions / Exclusions

2.1. All tyres received in relation to this promotion will receive standard factory warranty.

2.2. Fitting is NOT INCLUDED in the prize outlined above. If you require fitting services, please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our trusted retailers.

3. Trade Promotion and Reasonableness

Given the trade promotional nature and free entry associated with this competition, the cessation of the lifetime supply of tyres in relation to point b (outlined above) is absolutely at the discretion of Roadcruza Tyres Australia.

4. Key Dates

4.1. This promotion commences on ,Friday, 14 February 2020.

4.2. The winner will be drawn at random using an online randomiser system on Friday, 18 December 2020. This will be filmed to ensure that Roadcruza Tyres Australia comply with any future audit requirements.