RA3200 – Mud Terrain

RA3200 – Mud Terrain

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  • M+S M/T: Mud Terrain
RA 3200

The Roadcruza RA3200 (MT) mud-terrain tyre was specifically designed to handle the uniqueness of the Australian outback and dry on-road conditions.

Having been developed specifically for the Australian outback terrain, the structure of the Roadcruza RA3200 Mud tyre is capable of handling the harshest and most extreme environments.

Tyre Size
37/12.5R17 124Q
Rim Diameter Aspect Ratio Speed Rating
15 - 26 85s - 70s P/Q
Product Performance 8.90

  • Pure Off-Road Pattern Design

    A high void ratio between tread blocks efficiently clears mud and dirt from the pattern. This provides you with maximum traction in tough situations.

  • V-Shaped Sidewall Design

    The 3ply design provides added resistance against damage. It also aids grip when in you are travelling over rocky and woody terrains. This provides greater peace of mind when for you when enjoying 4WD tracks or exploring.

  • Combined Tread Design – Dynamically Engineered

    Coupled shoulder blocks and centre blocks aids the excellent performance both off-road and on bitumen.

  • Durable Compound – Strong Inside & Out

    A 4WD tyre which comprises of a mix of natural rubber, high strength polymers and wear resistant materials. This lowers rolling resistance, whilst enhancing grip and improving cut and chip resistance, all whilst extending the life of the tyre.